[FLR] Intuition is everything for a leader

Happy Friday!   The value of intuition is often misunderstand or devalued as a leader. Think about the best decisions you have made. How many of them have been driven by a “sense” you have?   One thing to consider is how to nurture this aspect and to understand when it is “speaking.” As a leader, it is foundational

[MMM] | 7 Things to Think About At the Mid-Point of Your Career

So call it what it is, I’ve officially had my mid-life crisis. I bought a motorcycle, and no, didn’t buy a Harley   As an aside, it is really a crazy system we live in where you can take a three day course in a parking lot and just like that you are good to go.

[FLR] How The Most (And Least) Successful CEOs Spend Their Workdays

Happy Friday!   Let’s face it, we’re all human. As leaders we have the same amount of time in our days as the rest of the world. However all smart leaders know how to best use their time. In a survey by The London School of Economics of over 1,000 CEOs in six countries, the

[MMM] Why your work on Monday doesn’t have to suck

Good Monday morning,   I’m a water baby. I came by this honestly having been born within a half hour drive of an ocean.   I spent most of my younger life near or on water. As a teenager all of my part-time job and summer jobs were spent working as a lifeguard, swimming instructor

[FLR] 5 Dysfunctions of a team

Happy Friday!   The difference between a highly functional team and a highly dysfunctional team is obvious. It shows itself clearly in conflict management, politics, turnover and performance.   As a leader, the key to dealing with dysfunction is being honest and paying attention to the core of the dysfunction. This can be highly challenging

[MMM] How to be more “human” as a leader

Good Monday morning,   I was travelling back from our Vancouver office this week. Upon entering the plane the flight attendant asked me how I was today and I responded politely “Fine, thank you.” I then asked her how her day was going.   She paused a moment and replied, “Thanks for asking, nobody ever asks me that.”

[FLR] Stress as a positive emotion

Happy Friday!   We all know leaders are rarely impacted by stress, right? I’m sure you are thinking to yourself right now, “Alan, what planet are you on?” and you are correct in thinking that. We are all impacted by stress in many ways during our lives, and leaders are not immune.   We can

[MMM] Career “Stretching” for Growth

Good Monday morning,   A few years ago, I was leaving my office on a winter day when I slipped on some ice and tore the ligaments in my left ankle. Ironically, even though I had been running for over ten years without injury, I was unable to run for the next three months, all because

[FLR] How Leaders Can Be Supportive

Happy Friday!   As a leader here at CareerJoy, I am constantly working with people. The longer I have worked with people the more I have seen the complexities of humans’ personal and professional sides. Sometimes we try to segregate those parts of our lives, but often where they bleed together is in dealing with

[MMM] One Thing to Be Truly Thankful for in Your Career

Good morning,   I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   A few years ago I went to New York City for four days over Thanksgiving. NYC is a city of contrasts – from the highest paid world-class professionals working in the arts, entertainment, fashion, medicine and business to all those struggling to survive, hawking knock-off