[FLR] Give Your Best, Not Your All!

Happy Friday!   There has been something that I have been wrestling with for the past little while. The more I have digested the thought, the more truth I sense in the statement.   Let’s say I had $100 in my pocket, and you asked me for a hand. I gave you all of my money,

[MMM] | Something More Valuable To Your Career than Bitcoin

Happy Monday morning,   Would that be plastic or…plastic money? I was reading that Sweden will be totally cashless in 3 years’ time. Money is simply an exchange of value and the newest form of it is digital currency.   One of my colleagues and I were discussing bitcoin this week and he mentioned to me that

[FLR] Want to Be More Creative? Think Inside the Box.

Happy Friday!   Something about this statement has never quite resonated with me.   “Think outside the box.”   I agree that we need to be innovative and forward thinking, but sometimes the greatest opportunities lie within the systems we already have. Sometimes we get stuck looking for some revolutionary answer when the easier answer might be found

[MMM] | The Gift of Career Disappointment

Happy Monday morning,   Things don’t always work out as planned.   I was fortunate enough to be able to attend The Roar of The Rings this past year, which is the Canadian curling qualifier for the Olympics. To be frank, I had never watched a full curling game but that weekend I viewed four full games including the finals

[FLR] | Need A Leadership Idea In 10 Minutes? Play With The Stuff On Your Desk

Happy Friday!   Some of the best ideas come in the simplest way. I remember hearing how the original BlackBerry keyboard design was created by the CEO as he noticed his young son playing in his highchair. All of the elements were set up in a semi-circle. Why should a keypad be all straight, when it could be

[MMM] | The Number 1 Way to Become a Better Leader

Happy Tuesday morning,   I love animals. As a kid I had a cat for a number of years but had always wanted a dog. I got my first dog in my late 20’s. She was a classic golden retriever and was all the goodness that that breed contains.   Since then I have had a german shepherd, gordon setter, labrador retrievers

[FLR] | How Leaders Can Balance Logic And Emotion To Make Better Decisions

Happy Friday!   We had such a good feeling about this person…   Have you ever heard this said about someone that was let go on your team?   There is some interesting research on using your intuition (feelings) while balance information (facts) to determine who would make a good fit on your team.   As a leader,

[MMM] What the Stock Market & Your Career Have in Common

Happy Monday morning,   I am not an economist by training, nor a financial planner, but it has been a very interesting week in the stock market.   You may have been observing a change in your personal net worth over this past week. This has been the worst week in the stock market in

[FLR] | Why Leaders Spend 10 Minutes A Day Thinking

Happy Friday!   Let’s face it, as a leader you are busy. You are being pulled in multiple directions and you have all of the responsibilities and pressures that come along with this. The one thing you really could benefit from is more time.   I have the solution.   It’s the George Schultz principle. George was Secretary

[MMM] Knowing What You Really Really Want

Happy Monday morning,   We’ve all had them. A “McEpiphany”.   What’s that you ask?   I heard of the term last year in the obituary of the NY Times best-selling children’s author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She authored more than 31 books.   She was having a meal in McDonald’s with her children when she decided to leave the world