[FLR] In 8 Words, Uber’s New CEO Gave a Master Class in Leadership

Happy Friday!   Vulnerability is a key attribute to all healthy leaders and to living a healthy life.   Let’s face it, we all have times when we are struggling, when we are uncertain, or where we are living outside of our comfort zone.   Your ability to express this in a way that is honest but

[MMM] | What You Need to Do to Get Hired Quickly

Good Monday morning,   How was your first week of the “New Year”?   For most of us, our relationship with September is deeply rooted in starting a new grade or school. Our experience is that September is the start of something new; the start of a whole new journey.   Hiring managers, bosses and decision

[FLR] | Mathematicians Discovered a Secret to Reducing Regret in Your Life

Happy Friday!   We’ve all had this, especially as leaders.   It could have been a poor hiring decision, a project that went sideways, or a missed opportunity.   Regret is defined as pain or distress in the mind at something done or left undone.   It’s interesting that the pain or distress hangs about in

[MMM] | What Your Morning Commute Can Teach You About Work (It’s Not What You Think!)

Happy Tuesday!   How was your morning commute? What did you ponder over this morning?   The etymology of the word comes from the mix of two words from Latin commute: com- meaning ‘altogether’ and mutare ‘to change.   In a sense, we all come together on trains, planes, and automobiles, and change pace from our personal life to our professional

[FLR] | 5 Habits That Change Managers Into Leaders | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday! Leaders can manage, but managers are not always the best leaders. The best kind of a manager nurtures and leads their team to excellence. They are the type of professional that both motivates, helps support, and guides their team to achieve the results the organization is hoping to achieve. Which are you? Inc. | 5 Habits That Change Manager

[MMM] | The Monday Morning Blues… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Do you get the Monday morning blues? According to a poll, 63% of professionals struggle with this condition. You feel anxious and stressed out about the week ahead. Recognized as an acute condition affecting nine-to-five workers and students. The symptoms include anxiety, helplessness and depression. It’s an indicator of a high amount of job

[MMM] The “Relationships” Editon

Good Monday Morning,   “Is there anything you fear or worry about in your career that you didn’t accomplish?”   This was the final question to which Barbara Walters responded from her 2 hr special where, for the first time, she was the subject of the interview. As Barbara’s final formal role on television this special focused

[FLR] August 18 | The “Leadership” Edition

Happy Friday,   In my first role as an executive recruiter, I worked for an organization that truly approached the way it led & managed its organization from a different perspective.   The org chart said it all.   The President was at the bottom.   He truly believed in the concept of servant leadership.

[MMM] 3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Next Career Opportunity

Happy Monday morning,   They say in life that things happen in threes, except, I’m thankful that kids come one at a time (mostly). It seems that there are patterns in our lives. Opportunities and challenges that tend to happen in a set of sequences. I think it is the same with our careers. There often

[FLR] Why Conflict Should be Embraced

Happy Friday,   Conflicts are part of any work situation. In fact, a lot of leadership coaching is structured around teaching professionals how to navigate around and communicate difficult messages.   Conflicts are not always bad. They can be a sign of a strongly engaged group of employees who truly care.   SHRM | Why