[FLR] Taking Pride In Your Work

Happy Friday!   I was taking the train recently. When I got on the train I noticed one of the stewards named Ronald. He was well dressed with his tie in place, shoes polished and wearing a generally pleasant demeanor.   After putting my shoes up on the seat in front on me (which I must humbly confess to) Ronald

[MMM] | Resilience in the face of brokenness

This week in Canada has been challenging. We have watched with shock and heavy hearts as families deal with a tragic and unexpected loss. We have seen the first responders demonstrate courage, young kids stop for moments of silence in hockey rinks, professional hockey players and coaches weep, and leaders of communities be left speechless.

[FLR] | Decision fatigue and its impact on leadership effectiveness

Is that a “yes” or “no”? Would you need that before Thursday or by next Friday? Should we invest in that new area? What should we do with that employee? How should we manage the project that’s delayed?   Decisions: we make them all day, every day. Their frequency is unavoidable but are there some that can be

[MMM] | When Trust Your Gut With Your Career

Well, the luck of the Irish is now officially over for another year and the shareholders of Guinness and Tylenol are that much richer.   For Jennifer Lambert, her “luck” came in a major way last year. Jennifer was an archives assistant and was looking or some old posters for the Neptune Theatre when she noticed

[FLR] | Sad But True Terrible Boss Stories

If you’ve been reading my newsletter consistently you’ll remember that on April 1st this year we ran an April Fool’s #BossAwarenessDay campaign which you can read more about on my blog. For those who didn’t read it the premise was simple: I go public about my flaws as a boss using our Boss Awareness Tool (download the

Boss Awareness Day

I want to bring something into the open. They say the first way to resolve a problem in your life is to be honest with yourself and those that matter to you.   I’m a bad boss. Sometimes I’m even a terrible boss.   I’m not always the best listener, I forget to check my emails and

[FLR] | 5 ways to be a good leader

Since tomorrow is Good Friday and I’ve been thinking about my relationship with my Good Shepherd it also strikes me as an important time to think upon what makes a good leader in the workplace. The difference between your organization performing well or not comes down to one simple idea: the “goodness” of its leadership.   Happy Easter and

[MMM] | Finding purpose in the work you do

As a child I used to watch The Waltons each Sunday night. There was something comforting about how the story and the characters became part of the rhythm of our family’s life. It was amazing to watch a family that worked and lived together. You saw the deep purpose and meaning they found in the store they ran, the community they served,

[FLR] | These 5 Barriers Prevent You From Being a Better Leader

The difference between being a good leader and a great leader is sometimes a matter of changing a small behaviour. Most of the time it’s a simple thing to fix, however it’s not always easy. The main challenge is identifying behaviours to change and facing them honestly.   Think critically about your interactions this week. What

[MMM] | Your career choice may save another’s life

Happy Monday morning,   Craig Cunningham, a former professional hockey player had his life changed forever on April 19, 2016. He had a full cardiac arrest on the ice during a hockey game and CPR was administered to him for 83 minutes.   After arriving at the hospital his mom was in the waiting room to get an update.