The Impact of Hiring a “Star” on Your Team

April 24, 2017 | The “Star” Edition


Good Monday morning,


There is an oft-used statement; there is no I in a team, my response to that. There is an “I in win.” The key to success in all organizations is the caliber of the people that are involved. Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, signed off on every hire for years.


My advice to our clients is to hire the best people you can find, in fact as in all things Google, they have attempted to turn their hiring methodology into a science. They strive to only hire stars in all of their departments.


There is an interesting research on the effect of hiring the very best. The University of Toronto project looked at the impact of hiring a star scientist. Ajay Agrawal and his team discovered that hiring a star scientist on a team results in a 26% increase of productivity in the department.


The elements that were found come from a boost in the quality of people that joins the staff after the star is hired. The bottom line is that star performers set the pace, challenge the status quo and set a new pace for the rest of the team to be inspired by.


Close-up Of Businesspeople With Files Sitting On Chair


Think about the best person on your team. What impact is that person having not just on their projects, but the rest of the organization?


This week’s word of advice: Hire the best. Everyone will get better.


Including you.


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