Taking Pride In Your Work?

I was taking the train recently, this is a common occurrence in my life, not that I don’t like planes, it’s just that on short visits there is no more efficient way to travel.
Observation #1: When I got on the train I noticed one of the stewards named Ronald. He was well dressed with his tie in place, shoes polished and generally a pleasant demeanor.

Observation #2: I overheard Ronald ask a colleague if he could help take tickets because he needed to help the next car that was getting behind.

Observation #3: Now I have to confess, the third observation was brought on because I put my shoes on the seat in front on me. Ronald not only noticed this, but he mentioned it to me in a gentle way, dusted off the seat in front of me and even brought me a magazine to put under my shoes so that I could rest my feet and keep the seat clean.

You have to remember; in his role he is not paid more to perform better, so there is not the same level of self- interest. Because of this, it is more and more unusual to experience this type of job performance in almost any type of service you experience. The overall feeling that I sensed that day was the Ronald cares.

It was a Sunday and I am sure he would rather be with his family or maybe golfing but instead he was involved AND interested in doing his best. I would suggest that he generally enjoys his work or at least takes pride in himself and the kind of work that he is producing.

Last time I looked I didn’t see the president of VIA looking over his shoulder; Ronald he was doing it because he took pride in his work. So who wins with this? By having satisfied customers and repeat business, VIA wins. I win with a more pleasant trip. Ultimately Ronald is the big winner, both intrinsically and in the probability of him being promoted in his career.

The next time you are on VIA rail look for Ronald Langevin. He’s the one who cares.

Along the road with you…