[MMM] The #1 Summer Tip to Boost Productivity at Work | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


Just saying the word feels good.




I was looking up the etymology of the word vacation & it had never occurred to me till today that there is a connection between the words vacate & vacation. This word originates in the Latin i vacationem: “leisure, freedom from obligations, exemption, a being free from duty, immunity earned by service, and from vacare: ‘be unoccupied’.


The meaning of the word evolved in 20th century, when the wealthy families of New York City took to declaring that they would “vacate” their city homes for their summer retreats & European holidays.


With all of the ways we can stay connected – internet, mobile, instant messaging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – they have all impacted & changed the way we regard our vacations. Vacation in 2015, more often than not, means “not in the office” and not actually disconnecting from our work.


A study by Dov Eden of Tel Aviv’s University’s Faculty of Management shows we pay a high price for continued connectivity to work, even while on vacation. The impacts are chronic stress, less productivity, and greater sense of job burnout. He also discovered that individuals either returned to work extremely anxious or stressed, or the restful effects of the vacation did not last.


A study by researchers at the University of California and funded by the U.S. Army, showed that being cut off from work communication for blocks of time significantly reduces stress, including cortisol levels & heart rates. Truly disconnecting from work allows employees to focus far better when they return from a break


Hey – you may not have a apartment on 5th Avenue, but you can still “vacate” from your work this summer. Make it a priority to take a bit extra time to communicate with your team, clients, etc. to ensure that you can truly unplug and have a true “vacation”.


Wishing you a great vacation, along the road with you!