How Do You Know When It is Time To Leave?

Tom Brokaw

As the song says: You have to know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em. Well Tom Brokaw is folding them.

On December 1st the 64 year old stepped out of the lead anchor role for NBC news. He’s been with NBC for 22 years and for the past seven years his show has been the number one rated program.

Tom started in 1962. From his first boss he learned that the “news is about what’s happening in our community and about telling a story.” Over the years, Tom evolved with the medium, but he never forgot those basics of his business. As a result, Tom connected with a broad range of Americans.

Tom has mentioned that writing his “Greatest Generation” books had a major impact on his career. Writing those books helped Tom define his identity outside of newsroom and in a sense prepared him for his own next chapter. A blend of self-identity, strategy and common sense has led him to the understanding that now is his time to move.

Deciding when to leave and when to stay are often difficult, unclear decisions. Often the unbiased, objective advice of someone you trust is helpful. Another part of making this kind of decision involves having a broader career strategy. Knowing what you need to achieve before you are ready for your next challenge is key.

At CareerJoy we understand the challenges involved in this kind of decision. Our coaches can offer you unbiased advice based on our experiences with hundreds of clients. We’ve also got the tools you need to begin building your career strategy.

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