[FLR] Seth Godin: How To Go Faster | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,
At first, I really did shake my head. Starbucks Drive thru? Seriously? I have eaten those words (literally) as I have been through, you guessed it Starbucks Drive-Thru on hundreds of occasions! Our lives are moving faster & we are all looking for ways to get more done with less time.
Speed matters. Leaders understand this & work with their teams to help streamline & optimize systems & people.
What are you doing to increase your teams speed?
Seth Godin | How To Go Faster
LinkedIn – Pulse | Productivity Hacks
Inc | 4 Reasons Speed Is Everything In Business
CJ | Time Is Not Money – It’s More Valuable Than That
TED | Ramesh Raskar – Imaging At A Trillion Frames Per Second
Leading, along the road with you!
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