[FLR] 5 Minute Exercise to Break Your Leadership Creative Rut

May 26, 2017 | The “Creative” Edition


Happy Friday!


Leadership takes creativity.


I was reminded of this by a brand new campaign by Sweden. The country just listed all of its free public spaces on Airbnb. Remember this is the country that created IKEA!


I was sitting in a coffee store in Vancouver and struck up a conversation about travel with a gentleman named Chris, who was sitting next to us. By renting his spare room, he has been able to travel every summer over this past four years.


Creativity is essential in the world we live in and Airbnb has enabled millions of people to travel and experience the world in an entirely new way. It has also helped people like Chris to grow and expand his the world through the sharing economy.


Creativity involves risk taking and courage. Two qualities all great leaders have in spades.


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Leading, along the road with you!




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