[FLR] Why Leaders Must Be Readers | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Yesterday was world book day. (As an aside there now seems to be a day for everything.)   There are many good books & few great books. One of my absolute favourite leadership books is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Great books bring insights that are timeless.   Forbes | Why Leaders Must Be Readers   Inc. | Best Leadership Books

[MMM] 54% of Canadians take Work Home – How Does Work/Life Work? | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning!   My kids do several hours of homework most days. That’s not too unusual, especially for students in post secondary education. Has homework followed you into your adult life? How many work related emails and calls did you field this weekend?   54% of Canadians who participated in the 2012 National Work-Life Balance

[FLR] The 5 Toughest Work Conversations | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Sometimes you’ve got to have those uncomfortable conversations in order to move forward and make progress, in business and in life. Good leaders are willing to be direct, and address important issues to get to the core of the matter.   Fortune | The 5 Toughest Work Conversations   SmartBlog | 10 Employee Conversations That Managers Hate

[MMM] Getting Lost In Your Career – It Happens to The Best of Us | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   I remember a time when I was young – it was my first time taking the bus, and I was supposed to meet my parents and some family friends at a specific time and place. I can’t recall all the details, but instead of getting on the red bus, I got

[FLR] “The Micromanager Makeover” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   To micromanage or not to micromanage that is the question. There are different perspectives on this topic. An alternative view might ask the question, when does a leader need to be more actively involved in the details of a project? I think there are times to be more actively involved & times when to back

[MMM] How to Create Perfect Timing in Career & Life… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Some people seem to be in the right place at the right time, while others struggle to catch a break.   Not long ago, I was in Calgary speaking at an event and meeting with our team. I decided to take a quick drive out to Bragg Creek to grab breakfast and on my return,

[FLR] “What Bad Managers, Good Managers, and Great Managers Do”

Happy Thursday,   Tomorrow is Good Friday (and not only because we have the day off).   It is an opportunity to reflect on what is good in our lives. We have all had good leaders & not-so-good leaders.   What do you feel are qualities that make a good leader & who you have enjoyed working

[AFM] Office Romances Made Easy…

Good morning,   Let’s face it, you spend more time at work than any other place in your life. I realize the importance with filling your life with meaning. Next to work, research shows that difficulty in romantic relationships have been determined to be the second leading cause of unhappiness in professionals over the ages of

[MMM] When Quitting Is Just the Right Decision | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Sometimes in life you achieve an incredible goal that you want, only to discover it is fundamentally in conflict with what you really need to fulfill you.   This past October, three weeks after being elected as a New Brunswick MLA, Gary Keating resigned.   “It is with sincere regret that

[FLR] “Should Managers Organize Fun at Work?” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   In last week’s FLR, I shared some interesting research on millennials. There is a sense that they are looking to have more fun at work.   In the TED talk linked below, Dr. Stuart Brown noticed a co-relation between play & its impact in all dimensions of our lives, including work. Leaders can find