[FLR] “About Your Boss’ Lack Of Emotional Intelligence…” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   The best leaders have a sense about people, empathy, timing and communication. It’s called EQ.   According to Wikipedia, emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. Improve your EQ

[MMM] Leadership, Stress & The Oscar Goes To… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   …and the award goes to …   The advertising agency, Mithun Hobby, predicted that Birdman is going to take the best picture award with 99% odds. They use predictive technology to deterimine which film will win this prestigious award.   Creating a great film, It takes an tremendous amount of people

[FLR] “Everything I Know about Leadership, I Learned From the Movies” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Great movies, are built on the skills of great leaders in all divisions. This Sunday night, the Oscars will be showcasing the best of Hollywood and will be celebrating the creativity, talent, drive & leadership abilities of the movie business.   According to IMDB, the average cast credit of the top 1000 movies is 588 people.

[MMM] Love @ Work | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   I love you.    Three powerful words. Three Life changing words. Three words you might have heard on Valentine’s day.   All great (& not so great) loves start with a date. What happens when you start dating that person in your workplace? Things get interesting. (You can watch my comments on this

[FLR] “Top 10 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday the 13th,   This weekend we celebrate Valentines day. We have all had bosses that we loved & bosses that we couldn’t stand.  Leaders make the best of both scenarios, realizing that working with difficult managers can become some of the best opportunities for learning and personal growth.   Lifehacker | Top 10 Ways to Make

[MMM] Signs That You’re on The Right Track in Your Career & Life | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   They are all around us, we just need to be aware & pay attention.   Signs.   One of my clients took up skiing relatively later in life & loves to ski with his sons. He was on a 5 day trip  at Sun Peaks Resort when one of his sons

[FLR] “Leaders Save Time by Asking 1 Simple Question” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   As a young professional, I took a walk with my former boss, and he taught me one of the most important leadership & business lessons that I have ever learned. Peter Ward ran a very successful executive recruitment firm & he asked my opinion on an important topic. I remember my inside voice

[MMM] 31% of Professionals Made a Career Related… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   It’s really really busy at the gym. The good news is that February is here and things havechanged.   According to the social scientists at Facebook, check-ins with the terms of “gym & fitness” starts to drop around the 3rd week in January & continue to drop into Feb, stabilizing in

[FLR] “3 Juicy Leadership Lessons From… Boardgames?” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   There is a well known saying, “business is a game”. There is tremendous amount of truth in that statement.   Great leadership can be learned in just a few hours playing Monopoly with a group of friends. Strategy, negotiation, adapting to new information are not just helpful in the Game of Life, but

[MMM] 2 Ways You Can Stand Out In Your Career In a Noisy World | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Last week, I shared rule #1 on how to make a great career decision. Here are my final two thoughts on how to make better career decisions:   Rule #2: Be true to you.   In 2006, Time magazine announced their “Person of the year” award (drum roll please) – YOU! Their reasoning