[MMM] Why The Best Leaders Win The Big Games

Feb 8, 2016 | Winning the Game   Happy Monday morning,   More than 100 Million people watched the Super Bowl last night. To be honest, I am not a hardcore sports fan. I’m the type of person who pays attention to sports when it comes to the big games, aka the 6th game of the

[FLR] The Vulnerable Leader is a Better Leader

The “Lead Naked” Edition   Happy Friday,   Today is Working Naked @ Work Day. I am not suggesting that you should be going to work with no clothes on, but there is truth that the “Emperor has no clothes”. Strong leadership is about being appropriately vulnerable.   Brené Brown defines vulnerability as uncertainty, risk & emotional

[MMM] My 3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Next Career Opportunity

Feb 1, 2016 | Choosing The Right Path   Happy Monday morning,   They say in life that things happen in threes, except, I’m thankful that kids come one at a time (mostly). It seems that there are patterns in our lives. Opportunities and challenges that tend to happen in a set of sequences. I

[FLR] 5 Parenting Skills That Make You a Better Leader

Jan 29, 2016 – The “Lead Like a Great Parent” Edition   Happy Friday,   Parenting and leadership have much in common.   The characteristics of a great parent are similar to the characteristics of being a great leader. A parent is a developer of people; a leader is a developer of people.   When you learn how to lead

[MMM] 3 Things Great Leaders Do

Jan 25, 2016 – dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob Good Monday morning,   I was walking into my grocery store and saw an ad promoting the local cubs group.   Growing up I was involved with Cubs, Boy Scouts, and Venturers, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the scouting movement. Lord Baden Powell

[FLR] Why Leaders Must Be Readers

Jan 22, 2016 – The “ABC” Edition   Happy Friday,   There is officially a “world book day.” (As an aside, there now seems to be a day for everything.)   There are many good books and few great books. One of my absolute favourite leadership books is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Great books bring insights that are timeless.  

[MMM] David Bowie on the Difference between an Impactful or an Impressive Career

Jan 18, 2016 – Impressive or Impactful?   Good Monday morning,   I enjoy the Arts in all its forms. Two years ago, I saw a number of interesting exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Ontario, including Ai Weiwei’s exhibit as well as one about David Bowie. I was somewhat familiar with David Bowie’s work,

[FLR] Tough Truths About Leadership That No One Talks About

Jan 15, 2016 – The “Tough” Edition   Happy Friday,   It’s a lot easier to say yes than no.   Yes, sometimes you have to do & say things that are not easy or popular as a leader. You need to be “tough”. There is a difference between being tough & harsh & critical. Don’t shy

[MMM] Ageism in the Workplace?

 Jan 11, 2016 – The Best Is yet to Come Good Monday morning,   Last Spring, Facebook opened its new HQ. It was designed by Frank Gehry who is 86 years old. It is interesting to think about the age difference between Mark Zuckerburg who is 31 years old, and one of the world’s leading

[FLR] Six Habits of Leaders Who Bring Out The Best In Others

Jan 8, 2016 – The Potential Edition   Happy Friday,   I personally think that the most challenging and most rewarding opportunity you have as a leader, is to help people grow.   Speaking with a gentleman who used to work at LuluLemon, he shared that they were a “people development company” that happened to sell