The Secret to Enjoying Your Work This Week

Good Tuesday Morning!   I hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend. We have much to be thankful for.    I was inspired by the Canadian author Ann Voscamp & her NY Times best selling book, One Thousand Gifts : A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are. She was a writer who had a

[FLR] Successful VC Says Intuition is Everything for a Leader

The value of Intuition is often misunderstand or devalued as a leader. Think about the best decisions you have made, how many of them have been driven by a “sense” you have. One thing to consider is how to nurture this aspect & to understand when it is “speaking.” As a leader, it is foundational

[MMM] Career Wisdom from Don Cherry | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!     “I know suits, I know dogs, I know hockey, but I don’t know mortgages.“   Who said this?   Don Cherry, in a commercial for a mortgage company; one of the many ways that he has managed to “monetize” his brand.   When I think of Don Cherry, I think

[FLR] Leaders, Don’t Silence Your Team | Friday Leadership Report

Leaders, understand one of the key principles in engaging your team is the ability for them to have a voice at the table. Not just a voice at the table, but a voice that is listened & heard.   INC | How to Ensure Your Employees Feel Heard   Forbes | Leader’s, Don’t Silence Your Team –

[MMM] – Winning Your Job Search Campaign | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday!   Three weeks today, we will know who the next Prime Minister of Canada will be. Who will win the election?, well the polls are suggesting at this point that it is a 3 way tie.   Unfortunately, most polling has been dreadfully inaccurate in recent history.   I know who is going

[FLR] Why You Have A Leadership Problem, Not A Company Problem | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday!   Early on in my career as an executive recruiter, I remember feeling frustrated around a people issue. I spoke with my colleague and shared how much easier the technology side of the business would be versus the people side. His response “Yes Alan, but a machine will never share with you how

[MMM] – Getting To The Root Of Your Career Issues | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday morning,   I have been running for over 20 years injury free and I am very thankful to have had such a great stretch. Like all good things, they must come to an end or change form.   I ran a 5k Color run and with over 10,000 participants it was sure to

[FLR] Nine Ways Employers Screw Up Hiring | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday!   The key to having a terrific team is hiring a great group of people. One of the challenging realities of the hiring process is how flawed, it really is. Think about the process, you look at an individuals resume, you meet them for two meetings and presto you spend the next number

[MMM] – Interns, Hollywood & Nationwide Contest | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning and movie pass CONTEST details at the end of the story!   You may be looking to get a break in a new sector or career path.  I remember a person who called me out of the blue, a long time ago, she was working in an administrative role and really wanted

[FLR] Why Focus Is So Important In Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   September for most of us in business is like the start of a new year, it is a great time to get a new sense of purpose & rethink priorities & renew your focus for the coming year.   We know focus when we have it as a leader & we also