[MMM] The Recipe for Career Success

Sept 26, 2016 | The “Recipe” Edition   Good Monday morning,   I have the recipe for success and it’s really simple.   I grew up in a Irish home where the most exciting kitchen invention ever introduced wasthe microwave. For most people, microwaves have their place reheating leftovers and making microwave popcorn. I don’t believe

[FLR] Are You a Traditional or Collaborative Leader?

Sept 23, 2016| The “Round Table” Edition   Happy Friday,   I’ve always been a big fan of round tables. Often we think a leader should be sitting at the head of the board room table.   Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor at Harvard Business School shared, “Collaborative leaders are those who recognize that there are critical business

[MMM] Help Wanted: Why I Think This New Role Is out of This World (Literally)

Sept 19, 2016 | The “Going to Mars” Edition Good Monday morning, Help wanted. Must be: 5’9″ tall Good eyesight Team player Curious by nature Good hand-eye coordination Bilingual Great public speaker Quick learner Multi-tasker Good with heights Extremely well educated   The Canadian space agency is now recruiting for 2 new astronauts. Last week, I shared

[FLR] Why Your Hiring Process Keeps Missing Candidates’ Flaws

Sept 16, 2016 | The “Hiring” Edition   Happy Friday,   One of our clients has built the most successful office in his organization. What is his strongest attribute as a leader?   His ability to identify, hire, and keep the right people on his team. What is your success rate?   One simple idea we discussed in

[MMM] Why Most Career Tests Don’t Make Sense

Sept 12, 2016 | The “Test” Edition   Good Monday morning,   “Alan… you are not going to have me take one of those tests that tells me I should be an astronaut, are you?”   No. Well… sort of. There are two major reasons why most people aren’t getting the answers they need, that make

[FLR] 3 Terrible Leadership Habits I Needed To Unlearn From Working At Apple

Sept 9, 2016 The “Habits” Edition   Happy Friday   Fall is a good time to start new habits. By its very nature we are surrounded by more structure. Kids returning to school, a fully staffed team, ramped up activity, and new initiated projects.   For leaders, it’s a great time to help your team initiate new

[MMM] A Better Work Situation is Only 10 Seconds Away

Sept 6, 2016 | The “10 Second” Edition   Good Tuesday morning,   There are times in our professional & personal lives where we know what we need to do, we just need to courage to do it.   One of our coaches on our team shared this one really simple but powerful idea. It is

[FLR] Staying Calm Under Pressure Determines Your Leadership Success

Sept 2, 2016 | The “Calm” Edition   Happy Friday,   The last long weekend of the summer, there is an inevitable feeling of the end of the summer season. Summer is that time of year for most leaders, where there is a different sense of pace. As the fall starts, there is definitely a change in pace.  

[MMM] Career Transition like a Pro Athlete

August 29, 2016 | The “Transition” Edition   Good Monday morning,   Everyone’s doing it.   What you may be asking?   Career transitions.   This past week, I was at The Ottawa International Airport for a meeting. They are one of our long-standing corporate clients. I arrived about 15 minutes before my meeting, and happened

[FLR] How to Make Stress Your Friend

August 26, 2016 The “Stress” Edition   Happy Friday,   Stress is an interesting word. We can stress the need to take extra time, to get that report done or we can be stressed, that we need to get that report done. In one case, stress is a constructive concept to help us manage our