[FLR] “The Real Reason Managers Get No Respect” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I was speaking with a client about her deep career frustration, it really came down to the core issue, “I get no respect.”    Rodney Dangerfield built an entire comedy career on that truth. In fact, he often was frustrated about how he was treated outside of his work environment as people

Today we celebrate a great country!

Today we celebrate a great country.   Our Country. My Country.   I call it my country even though I was born in Ireland, I say that I am a Canadian who was born in Ireland. I am very thankful for my parents leaving everything behind. Homes, friendships, careers & family to make a better

[MMM] The #1 Summer Tip to Boost Productivity at Work | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Just saying the word feels good.   Vacation.   I was looking up the etymology of the word vacation & it had never occurred to me till today that there is a connection between the words vacate & vacation. This word originates in the Latin i vacationem: “leisure, freedom from obligations, exemption, a being

[FLR] “10% of Managers Have What it Takes to be “a Great Manager.” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Part of the temptation of all leaders is to promote the strongest person on the team to become the manager. There are many examples of how that is a flawed model. Often the average salesperson can be a fantastic sales manager. According to a Gallup pole, only 10% of managers are truly great.  

[MMM] 4 Key Ways You Mentor Anyone You Care About | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s day. I was thinking of what a blessed person that I am. My Dad, in so many ways, has showed me & continues to model to me what it means to live well, both personally & professionally.   While it does take a village to raise a child,

[FLR] “Stop Focusing on Their Goals & Actually Get Sh*t Done” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I was having a leadership coaching session this week & one of the discussion points was about the amount of demands on this leaders time. Smart leaders, recognize it’s not about being busy, as much as it is about getting things done. Are you just busy or are you really getting things accomplished

[MMM] Why Online Job Search Is so Sexy, yet so Ineffective | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Analog is the new digital.   Record sales are going through the roof. Yes, you heard me right.   Vinyl is the new digital.   We live in a world where seemingly everything is moving towards digital. We even talk about the “digital’ economy.   You are also seeing tremendous growth in

[FLR] “Google’s HR Boss Shares 10 Secrets to Running a Company” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Google is a great company for one key reason. They have great people working there. Simple idea, great people only want to work for great leaders.   Business Insider  | Google’s HR Boss Shares 10 Secrets to Running a Company Everyone Wants to Work for.   Inc. | Why Google’s Best Leaders Aren’t Stanford Grads With Perfect

[MMM] Guiding Your Team & Career Through Smooth & Troubled Waters | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Vancouver is a port city & the main gateway for importing & exporting goods into our country.   Vancouver is a beautiful city. I happen to get to spend a lot of time there at our office (and not just because my Daughter is going to UBC). Many people in the shipping

[FLR] “Two Ways to Hire (and a wrong way)” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   As a leader, you are only as strong as your team. One of the key attributes that successful leaders have is the ability to hire the right people. Hiring is both an art and a skill. Having the right people on your team, is fundamental in ensuring you & your organization reach their