[MMM] Tomorrow, Your Professional Future Will Be Full Of Opportunity | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Every month, the media has a field day about unemployment numbers. The reason being that based upon the numbers is the health of the economy. Fairly straightforward – low unemployment rates mean more opportunity, higher numbers means less.   I have been enjoying the Hong Kong Bank global advertisement campaigns as you

[FLR] “Advice From Top Leaders About Finding a Mentor”| Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   My first formal mentors in my life were my teachers. The best leaders are also the best mentors. A healthy mentorship relationship is a two way direction, both parties get value out of their time & learn from each other.   How many mentors do you have in your life? How diverse are their

[MMM] Tim Cook’s Recipe for Career Success at Apple| Monday Morning Motivator

Good Tuesday morning,   One of the great things about a long weekend (aside from the fact that it’s long) is that it gives you a bit more time to think about the things in your life. You can get all of your regular stuff done and actually have a rest day.   On my “rest”

[FLR] “8 Ways Leaders Can Motivate Employees Beyond Money”| Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   The Calgary Flames’ amazing season finally came to an end. At the beginning of the hockey season they were determined a long-shot at best to get into the play-offs. Bob Hartley, their coach, was a key part to their successful season.   His key leadership attribute, his motivation gene. His own story

[MMM] How Your “Better Half” Can Impact Your Career Success | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Money really cannot buy you health or love and this has never been more true as it is today. This past week, Dave Goldberg, husband of Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook, died in a very unusual accident in the gym of a Mexican resort. Her husband was successful in his own right –

[FLR] “7 Ways Being a Mother Made Me a Better Leader” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   This Sunday is Mother’s Day.   Interesting statistic, we spend on average 50% more for on gifts for mothers than we do on Father’s day – that is a telling number.   Mothers are the first leaders that we all learn to follow. They literally lead us out of the safety of

[MMM] The Most Influential Person in Your Career | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   We all learn some great life lessons from our Mothers.   My Mom had a successful and rewarding career. She was loyal, worked long and hard (sometimes too long and too hard!). She was efficient, ethical and exercised very good judgment.  She enjoyed her work, and the people she worked with. I rarely saw

[FLR] Leaders Need to Find Calm in a Stormy World | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Leading a company & flying a plane have much in common. If you fly enough you  are going to enter turbulence & that’s when leadership truly shows up.   Forbes | Leaders need To Find Calm In a Stormy World   FastCompany | How To Lead In Turbulent Times   HBR | Innovation in Turbulent Times     CJ | It

[MMM] It’s Taken Me Longer Than You Think to Become Good | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning!   A great chef takes years to come into her craft. On the other hand, it takes about 2 hours to learn how to make basic sandwiches for Tim Horton’s.   “It took me longer than anyone I know, to become good at what I do professionally.”    This is a wise

[FLR] Why Leaders Must Be Readers | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Yesterday was world book day. (As an aside there now seems to be a day for everything.)   There are many good books & few great books. One of my absolute favourite leadership books is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Great books bring insights that are timeless.   Forbes | Why Leaders Must Be Readers   Inc. | Best Leadership Books