[FLR] 4 Critical Habits of the Best Leaders

May 27, 2016|The “Habit” Edition   Happy Friday!   We all have them: habits. Successful leaders are those who have effective habits.   The root word of habit comes from the latin habitare meaning to live, dwell, stay & remain. Habits are like that. We stay in a certain state, the great news is that all of

[MMM] #Elbowgate, Chewbacca, & Joy @ Work

May 16, 2016 | The “Viral” Edition   Good Tuesday Morning,   The internet almost broke this past week. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, however when #elbowgate broke it made me ponder how, even at the highest levels of our land, that tempers can get out of control and that life is full of

[FLR] The Micromanager Makeover

May 12, 2016 | The “Micromanage” Edition   Happy Friday!   To micromanage or not to micromanage that is the question. There are different perspectives on this topic. An alternative view might ask the question, when does a leader need to be more actively involved in the details of a project? I think there are times to be more

[MMM] Why Getting It Perfect at Work is All Wrong

Good Monday Morning,   “That was perfect!”   Do you find yourself pursuing this standard in your life? In a leadership coaching session this week, one of clients  who is senior in the banking world, was describing her frustration with the stress and amount of hours she was working. We were exploring whether this was a

[FLR] Here’s Why You Are So Lonely (and Frustrated) at Work

Happy Friday!   There is a truth that it is lonely at the top for leaders. It is especially true if you are a first time leader. According to a leadership poll by Harris Interactive, more than 70% of first time CEO’s feel lonely & 61% of them report that it hinders their performance.   The

[MMM] What Mothers Can Teach Us About Work

Good Monday Morning,   We all learn some great life lessons from our Mothers.   My Mom had a successful and rewarding career. She was loyal, worked long and hard -sometimes too long and too hard! She was efficient, ethical, and exercised very good judgment.  She enjoyed her work and the people she worked with.

[FLR] 6 Habits To Support Better Mental Health For Leaders

Happy Friday!   This week is Mental Health Week in Canada. For anyone who has experience either personally or through a friend, colleague, or family member, then you understand the complexity & challenge around mental wellness. Wellness may start at home but is deeply impacted by where we spend the best part of our day

[MMM] Managing Uncertainty in Your Career

May 2, 2016 | The “Fear” Edition   Good Monday Morning,   We live in a very uncertain world.   I was reminded of this several weeks ago when I got a Facebook status update from my daughter, letting me know that the she was safe in Brussels. I hadn’t been worried about her, as I

[FLR] ‘Dancing Barista’ Demonstrates How To Lead From The Heart

April 29, 2016 | The “Two-Step” Edition   Happy Friday!   I have a confession to make: I like to dance. It is a relatively new discovery in my life. Leadership is a lot like dancing. At times you move two steps forward and then one step backwards. It can be both deeply rewarding & sometimes frustrating at the same

[MMM] Hiring the “Not so Hidden” Gems

April 25, 2016 | The “Winning” Edition   This past week, I spent time at both our Calgary & Vancouver offices. One of the things I noticed when walking around the cities were the amount of people wearing Blue Jay hats. There are two indicators of spring in Canada, the weather, and the Toronto Blue Jays