[FLR] Richard Branson: Communication The Most Important Leadership Skill | Friday Leadership Report

  Happy Friday,   Study after study shows that the number one success trait in a leader, is their ability to communicate. This week’s first article is about Richard Branson and when I think of all of his attributes, I appreciate his ability to inspire us through clearly communicated goals. All great leaders, are great

[MMM] – Three Simple Thoughts To Make Work Great | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   I heard a great quote recently, “On the other side of complexity lies simplicity”.   Being in the right work situation is complex.   I have spent the majority of my professional career, researching, writing, speaking, coaching & working in the real world with real people. Much of my time has

[FLR] The Heart and Soul of Compassionate Management | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Working with someone who is indifferent is incredibly frustrating. When I looked up the synonym of compassion it was indifference. This is why Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn was recently ranked 12th by Glassdoor as one of the top 50 most well liked CEO’s, with an astounding approval rating of 93%.

[MMM] Barbara Walters on Fear, Worry & Career Success | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning,   “Is there anything you fear or worry about in your career that you didn’t accomplish?”   This was the final question to which Barbara Walters responded from her 2 hr special where, for the first time, she was the subject of the interview. As Barbara’s final formal role on television this

[FLR] “Managers: Ask Yourself These Six Questions Daily” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   What do you think is a good solution?   Smart leaders ask great questions. It’s tempting to move forward and find answers on your own without feedback. It may be quicker this way but much less impactful. A smart leader realizes that when you collaborate on questions with your team the solutions

[MMM] One Word Away From Confusion to Clarity | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday morning!   If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am a big fan of Pixar movies. I just went to see Inside Out and it was a terrific exploration of emotions and how they guide & steer us through the days of our lives.   It was created

[FLR] “I’m Sorry” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   “I’m sorry.”   Two words. We can all relate too. It shows that you are honest, vulnerable & desire to do better. It mostly shows that you are human. Who doesn’t want to do their best work for a leader that can acknowledge where they didn’t live up to their personal or

[MMM] Politics @ Work. How to Play by the Rules – or Not | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday morning!   You don’t have to play the game, but you need to know the rules.   Most professionals don’t like the idea of politics in the workplace. The reality is politics are everywhere.The other reality is that some people enjoy politics, and they tend to be good at it – while others don’t.  

[FLR] “The Real Reason Managers Get No Respect” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I was speaking with a client about her deep career frustration, it really came down to the core issue, “I get no respect.”    Rodney Dangerfield built an entire comedy career on that truth. In fact, he often was frustrated about how he was treated outside of his work environment as people

Today we celebrate a great country!

Today we celebrate a great country.   Our Country. My Country.   I call it my country even though I was born in Ireland, I say that I am a Canadian who was born in Ireland. I am very thankful for my parents leaving everything behind. Homes, friendships, careers & family to make a better