[FLR] Seth Godin: How To Go Faster | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   At first, I really did shake my head. Starbucks Drive thru? Seriously? I have eaten those words (literally) as I have been through, you guessed it Starbucks Drive-Thru on hundreds of occasions! Our lives are moving faster & we are all looking for ways to get more done with less time.  

[MMM] – Career Questions – It’s Never Too Late To Find The Right Career | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   Growing up, some people had a really clear sense of what they wanted to do professionally. I met a gentlemen who has been a commercial pilot for a number of years. He knew he wanted to be in that profession when he was 10 years old & went on his first

[FLR] Jeff DeGraff – The Three Realities Of Innovators | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I have just been to the dentist recently. Good news is that I have great teeth, no cavities, but the challenging part to the story is that I may need braces. I heard something interesting about how the spin brush was invented. Ironically, it was created by the same person who created

[MMM] – Career Questions – When Google Doesn’t Work – Call The Experts | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   Last week, I spoke about the role of google & self diagnosis in managing your health & professional life. Most recent research shows of 70% of people self diagnose health issues using Google & it is even higher for career issues. We live in a DIY culture & that can subtly

[FLR] Why The Best Leaders Are Full Time Learners | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Asking the “L” question is a great way to find out a lot about person, it is a particularly good interview question.   What have you learned this week about leadership?   Leaders can learn in many different kinds of ways & often you can learn the best lessons in the most

[MMM] – Career Questions – I Tried Google Too| Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   I have been very fortunate to have great health, I have rarely been to the doctor in my life. I was speaking to somebody recently about his advice of getting a physical on a regular basis. I am at an age where that is probably wise. He spoke of his own

[FLR] How To Make Stress Your Friend | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Stress is an interesting word. We can stress the need to take extra time, to get that report done or we can be stressed, that we need to get that report done. In one case, stress is a constructive concept to help us manage our time more effectively & grow, in the

[MMM] – The Big Work Myth: Busted | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   My work can be boring and tedious at times.   I think one of the great untruths that my profession sometimes perpetuates is that you should love every moment of your work, this is simply not true.   Starr Saphir was an amazing lady who lead birding tours in New York

[FLR] Ericka Anderson: Manage or Lead? Do Both | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,    Leading & managing people are completely different kinds of experiences. Think of the time you have been lead, now, think of a time where you have been managed? What thoughts & emotions are derived from the person you were lead by verses the person who managed you? Who would you prefer to work

[MMM] – Raw Materials, Choices and Career Success | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   As I drink my coffee from my lovely new mug, I was recently at a conference on Orca’s Island, this is one of the prettiest places I have been in a very long time. It’s in the San Juan Islands, about a 2 hour ferry ride from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.