[MMM] When Quitting Is Just the Right Decision | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Sometimes in life you achieve an incredible goal that you want, only to discover it is fundamentally in conflict with what you really need to fulfill you.   This past October, three weeks after being elected as a New Brunswick MLA, Gary Keating resigned.   “It is with sincere regret that

[FLR] “Should Managers Organize Fun at Work?” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   In last week’s FLR, I shared some interesting research on millennials. There is a sense that they are looking to have more fun at work.   In the TED talk linked below, Dr. Stuart Brown noticed a co-relation between play & its impact in all dimensions of our lives, including work. Leaders can find

[MMM] How I Found the Right Career (& How You Could Too) | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Finding the right career path could be as easy as this…     …It was a sign from the heavens.   In the coincidence of coincidences, while traveling to our Vancouver office, I asked for a can of coke zero to drink. They actually had to go the back of the

[FLR] “Secret To Leading Millennials Can Be Summed Up In One Word” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce by the year 2020.   While we have common needs as people, each generation is impacted by the time period they grow up in. Since 1938, 1.4 million college students have been analyzed. Millennials were found to have a greater sense of self-esteem, yet more

[MMM] Time is not money. It’s More Valuable Than That… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Great questions stick with us & make us ponder what is deeply important in our lives. I wanted to share with you an excellent example of a great question.   Patrick Pichette, the CFO of Google, recently announced that he is leaving the company. What I found profound was the wisdom

[FLR] “Good Leaders Don’t Use Bad Words” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Smart leaders understand the value of the right word spoken at the right time. They also understand the damage the wrong word can have upon an individual. There is a saying ‘The right word spoken at the right time is as beautiful as gold apples in a silver bowl.” Consider your words carefully.”

[MMM] Reaching Your Career Personal Best | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   I am a runner. There is nothing better than arriving home after a long run. I have learned much about life from this discipline, and so have many others, including Kayla Montgomery, who is one of the best runners in her age group. She told her running coach, Patrick Cromwell, “I

[FLR] “The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits Of Women” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   This Sunday is International Woman’s Day.   I was very fortunate to have a strong role model in my mother. She was the HR leader  at a large trucking company in Canada. She showed me in so many ways, what it meant to do great work & to provide wise counsel to an executive

[MMM] The Key to Getting In Good Career Health is… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   Autopsy is not a word that slips out of our mouths that easily in today’s world (especially on a Monday morning, but stay with me on this…) for a variety of reasons, most likely because we don’t really want to think that someday we are going to die. Autopsies really came into vogue

[FLR] “About Your Boss’ Lack Of Emotional Intelligence…” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   The best leaders have a sense about people, empathy, timing and communication. It’s called EQ.   According to Wikipedia, emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. Improve your EQ