[MMM] Why Job Searching Online is Highly Overrated

Nov 23, 2015  – Go Forth and Shake Hands   Good Monday morning,   It’s never been easier to stay in your comfort zone in many areas of our life, including your job search. There is this very comfortable way to spend a lot of time online looking at job ads, however it can by quite overrated,

[FLR] Want to Be a More Successful Leader? Be More Curious

Nov 20, 2015 – Be The Curious Leader Happy Friday,   You can always tell when a leader is curious. It’s infectious & generally a real pleasure to work with someone like that.   They are more open to new ideas, creative, optimistic & willing to take risk. Strong & effective leaders reflect those strengths. Interestingly enough, the root word

[MMM] When to Leave – Lessons from Stephen Harper’s Defeat

Nov 16, 2015  – The Right Time to Say Goodbye   Good Monday morning,   John Brzenk probably doesn’t come to mind with the likes of Michael Jordan or Sydney Crosby, even though he has been an undefeated world champion for 25 yrs. Count ‘em – 25 years.   From 1969 -1985 armwrestling was the highest

[FLR] Yelp CEO Ignored Advice from PayPal Founders & Succeeds Anyways

Happy Friday,   There is a saying “The client is always right”, but I would argue that this is not always true.   People are often well-meaning in their opinions or advice to you, but as a leader you have to know not only what to pay attention to, but when to ignore the information or advice

[MMM] Liking & Respecting Lead To Different Results for Managers

Good Monday morning,   I am a playoff sports fan… well, a late playoff sports fan. If it’s baseball I like to watch the 7th inning on, and hockey, well, mid-May is a good time to start watching – towards the end of the playoffs. I, like many other Canadians, was excited about the success of

[FLR] 10 Tips for Surviving Your New Leadership Role

Nov 6,  2015 –  New Role as a Leader, Now What?   Happy Friday,   On Wednesday, Justin Trudeau officially became our new Prime Minister & his new cabinet was sworn in.   Now the real work begins.   It is one thing to be selected for the role of leader, that is just the

[MMM] The Real Truth About Overnight Career Success

Nov 2, 2015  – The Real Truth About Overnight Success   Good Monday Morning!   I confess. There is a part of me that thinks that career success can happen over night.   I don’t think I’m alone in this though. I think you might be reading this today & be aware of that same secret subconscious thought.  It’s

[FLR] Is Your Manager Tricking or Treating You?

Oct 30, 2015 – Trick or Treat    Tomorrow night we are going to celebrate Halloween.   I remember as a child, how there became an internal network of which houses had the best treats. You would find out from your peers who was giving out the apples & who was giving whole chocolate bars

5 lessons on Winning Big & Getting Hired from Justin Trudeau

Oct 26, 2015  – Lessons from Justin Trudeau’s Big Win   Good Monday Morning!   Democracy works. Once again, the people have spoken & Prime Minister Elect Justin Trudeau earned the right to being chosen as the winning candidate for the biggest job in the country.     At the beginning of the election, I suggested the

[MMM] Why Your Vote Counts for Your Career & Our Country

Good Monday Morning!   Today, we have a great privilege. We get to vote.   You are not only voting for your local candidate, you are voting for who will take on the biggest job in the country – the role of the Prime Minister.   In case you are wondering, this is not a political