[FLR] “Have You Been a Naughty or Nice Leader?” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   One thing is for sure, you’ve either been a naughty or nice leader. Santa knows (& so do all the other people you work with!).   All kidding aside, on behalf of the CareerJoy team, I wish you a joy filled Christmas & Holiday season.   Forbes | Deck The Halls With Money &…  

[MMM] Santa’s Gift To a Better Future | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   This is a wonderful time of year. We have the opportunity to connect with friends and family and celebrate this special season. One of the many ways we reach out is through Christmas cards. I found it interesting that in spite of the evolution of email and e-cards, Canada Post announced

[FLR] “12 Hot Business Lessons From Starbucks CEO” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Last year while on vacation in Dublin, we were looking for WiFi access, as my family didn’t have that set up at home. Our go-to place? A coffee shop.   You guessed it – Starbucks. Funny how things have changed in the world, when what you really need even more than caffeine

[MMM] When Opportunity Knocks, Say Yes & Open The Door

Good Monday morning,   Recently, I was on CanadaAM with Kelly Dixon President of Workopolis, Susan Uchida VP of Learning RBC, Jennifer McCleary Director of Degroote School of Business. The topic of discussion was launching & managing your career out of post-secondary education.   One of the interesting parts of doing  live TV is the

[FLR] “Why Flexible Workplaces Are Good for Business”

Happy Friday,   According to research, 80% of workers struggle with presenteeism. You are at work, but your focus is somewhere else such as “who will get the kids to swimming, band or hockey?” Unless you are Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, in which case you build a nursery next to your office.   Smart leaders recognize

[MMM] Career Fortune Cookies | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   I’m all about finding simple ways to improve. Research shows that by reducing the amount of meat you can not only reduce your weight, but also reduce your carbon footprint & improve your long-term health.  Thus, I have been thinking about reducing the amount of meat in my diet.   A National Cancer

[FLR] “Google Designs Formula for Who Gets Promoted With 90% Accuracy” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   1+1 = 2 is a very simple formula. What if there was a formula to determine who were the up and coming leaders in your organization? Interesting enough, Google did come up with a quantitative way of identifying emerging top talent with 90% accuracy. People are more predictable then we think.   Quartz |Google Came

[MMM] Why Perfectionism Is Less Than Perfect | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   “That was perfect!”   Do you find yourself pursuing this standard in your life? In a leadership coaching session this week, one of my clients  who is senior in the banking world, was describing her frustration with the stress and amount of hours she was working. We were exploring whether this was

[FLR] “Why Being a Perfectionist Leader is a Perfect Mess” | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   While perfectionism is often seen as a admirable trait in leaders, in reality it is difficult to work with and for someone who is inclined that way. Ultimately, what a perfectionist is trying to achieve is to make something really really good. As a leader, how can you pursue excellence but not

[MMM] How To Spring Back & Recover Readily From Adversity | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,   The Business Development Bank of Canada recently announced the BDC Entrepreneurial Resiliency Award. This award is focused on recognizing a Canadian business that has undergone a successful turn around and become stronger as a result of it. defines resiliency as to “spring back & recover readily from adversity.”   The Grosvenor Resilient