Sandra Bobkin – Senior Certified Career Coach

SandraSandra Bobkin (M.Ed., BScN, RN, ACPC, PCC) has more than 15 years of private and public sector experience in a variety of learning, leadership and management roles. This includes service in the retail, financial and health care industries.

Sandra coaches executives, newly appointed leaders and professionals who seek to expand their influence repertoire and pursue their professional goals. Her coaching has focused on leadership and team development, effective communication, emotional intelligence, career transition and 360 feedback results. Sandra Bobkin holds a Masters in Adult Education and Bachelors Degree in Nursing Science, with a specialty in psychiatry and has a Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation. She has used her expertise in psychology, neuroscience and leadership to help professionals understand their behavioural impact as it applies to relationships and performance both at work and in life.

“If I could find a way to help all the displaced and abandoned animals in the city find a safe place to live, I’d be the happiest person alive”

“Sandra Bobkin was essential to my success within the Career Joy program. Her knowledge paired with her empathy for how difficult a time transitioning can be, really gave me a relationship that I could confide in, risk, and dream big for future career goals. Professionally, I was able to identify skills that I didn’t know I had. I was able to uncover ideas for career that I had never thought possible for myself and create a body of research into future careers. Personally, my coach was a huge boost! The idea of transitioning careers, I had never imagined this before and it made me very trepidatious. But in having a coach that would say ‘you’re really good at this or that skill’, that gave me a tremendous boost of confidence and allowed me to start dreaming big about what I want to do with my career.” – Shannon C.