Priscilla Jabouin (B.Ed, M.A. Counselling Psychology) – Certified Career & Leadership Coach

Pricilla_NEWPriscilla is an intuitive coach who uses a touch of gentle bluntness to encourage her clients to pursue their dreams and personal goals. She believes that overcoming personal fears and obstacles allows each and every one of us to start taking small steps towards our ideal lifestyle (both personal and professional).

Priscilla’s career started as an elementary school teacher after she completed a Bachelors of Arts, Honours in Psychology and a Bachelors in Education. She also completed a Masters of Arts in Child Study before acknowledging that this career was not her passion. As a result, she redefined herself professionally by returning to school to complete her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Hence, her personal experience defining her path and her passion often influence her coaching approach as well as a strong belief in existentialism and the humanistic approach. She also completed a training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Focusing as well as a yoga teacher training course. She is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance and teaches yoga as a freelancer.

Priscilla enjoys participating in activities that encourage self-development. She practices yoga and meditation regularly as well as TheGROOVE™ (a form of dance that encourages confident body movement) to stay grounded and self-aware.

She has always been an active person who realizes the importance of incorporating all of the different facets of our character in our lives to create balance and contentment. The activities that we choose to participate in, be they professional or personal, are a continuity and reflection of our unique selves and facilitate an overall well-being (i.e., physical and mental health). By staying true to ourselves, we embrace honesty and integrity in our relationships with others.

Priscilla is an intuitive coach who encourages her clients to pursue their dreams and personal goals. She also encourages them to embrace self-care for their overall well-being and teaches them to trust their “gut”. Priscilla completed a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and has been with CareerJoy™ since 2012.

Success Stories

“No nonsense, warm, empathic, professional, with a sense of humour as a bonus. Those are the words that, for me, describe Priscilla during the time she helped me reimagine my life. Trust her with your hopes, wishes and aspirations. She certainly did not let me down!”
– H.M., Montreal, QC, December 2014

“I came to Priscilla feeling like my situation was too complex to resolve. I was exhausted, frustrated and disoriented. Over the course of our seven sessions she helped me understand my work-life balance, have the insights and make the adjustments I needed in order to feel the joy and satisfaction I was craving. She is wise, caring, intellectual and intuitive. These sessions were the perfect turning point for me. I would recommend her coaching to any of my friends and colleagues.”
– Nadia Chaney, Founding Director at Nadia Chaney Training and Facilitation

“When Priscilla first met me, I was anxious and uncertain. My strategy for job hunting primarily involved searching for and responding to online job postings. Needless to say, this strategy was both labour-intensive and demoralizing. Priscilla empowered me to unchain myself from the desk, get out the door and actually meet people. I now actively conduct information interviews to target potential employers and grow my network in a way that feels authentic and natural. Priscilla helped me to gain the confidence I needed to tackle the challenge of finding meaningful employment.”
– Lynn Lau