George Muenz – Senior Certified Career & Leadership Coach

GeorgeOver 40 years experience leading teams in the military, in entrepreneurial endeavours, to a recruiter in the High Technology field serving clients including IBM, Telus, Motorola, Price Waterhouse Coopers etc. Extensive experience leading teams in technology ventures, including companies traded publicly on NASDAQ. Over 5 years as a Career Coach working with a very diverse clientele ranging from students to International CEOs. Personally hired hundreds of staff in my career.

As a Career Coach, I focus on excellence. If I am hiring an Accountant, I know what an Accountant does, that’s why I am hiring one! I want to help you describe how you excelled as an Accountant.

When I work with clients, we make sure that we are absolutely clear on what we are offering before approaching the market. I also emphasize that you must be absolutely clear and confident on your value proposition, or the employer will not have that confidence.

Finally, the absolute key to my success and to yours is that you are not a case or a client, you are unique and I engage with what YOU need.

BCCDA Certified

In the military, we were taught a valuable lesson. “Someone who has authority, but cannot command by force of personality, should never have been given that authority.”

Leadership is about commitment, personal example, taking responsibility. The key skills in life and in careers are “Drive, determination, perseverance, personal commitment, innovation and soft skills.” Tools and processes and industries can be learned.

I do what I do better and I can prove it! Every task I undertake is approached with the notion, how can I not only complete this task, but how can I excel at it. From stuffing envelopes to building data centres, to assisting clients in their career challenges or goals, the goal is to be the absolute best, even if I have never done that task previously. Do what you love and do it with passion, and the money will follow.

Avid road cyclist, voracious reader, passionate about what I do.  A client call advising of success in their endeavour is my best reward.

Success Stories

“I had such tremendous negative feelings about applying for a new job. George used my previous career skills to instill in me a sense of pride and accomplishment. Today I feel I have much to offer to the right employer and have the confidence to find a job that is a right fit for me, instead of taking the first job I find. Thank you for that George.

I am much better prepared to seek a new job. The circumstances surrounding the loss of job for the staff of the suspended Senators was very stressful. It is only human to experience a loss of self confidence,especially considering that it had been over 15 years since my last job interview. After each session with George, I felt more confident in my abilities, largely because of the way George presented my skills and experience. Prior to our sessions, I absolutely dreaded the idea of updating my resume and actually applying for a job seemed overwhelming. I am very grateful to George and am actually excited about re-entering the job market.”

– M. McQuaid

“It is without hesitation that I recommend CareerJoy as a top firm in providing career transition services. While in the process of winding down our organization, we surveyed staff to determine what types of transition services were important to them. It was based on this survey that we interviewed CareerJoy to see if they were a firm that could meet our unique needs. Not only did we select CareerJoy as our preferred firm to work with, they surpassed our expectations in their planning and delivery of services.

The CareerJoy team, including Alan Kearns, Lisa Lorenson and George Muenz, are highly professional and deeply experienced leaders and career management professionals. In addition, they are personable, adaptable, intuitive, flexible, inquisitive and interested in the people that make up our organization. They clearly understood our needs and delivered on them! Because the CareerJoy team expressed sincere interest in the lives of our employees, they established connections and trust.
There were many occasions where they took the time to build relationships with individuals in our organization without considering it “part of the contract for services”. Our two Career Coaches, George and Lisa became a part of the Envirotest family and it is with pleasure and gratitude that I write this recommendation. I worked with CareerJoy as a facilitator of their services and as a client. More importantly our staff provided positive feedback with many extending personal thanks for receiving services that put them in a good position to continue with their job search.

As a result, I grew both professionally and personally from my experiences. I look forward to working with CareerJoy in the future!”

“Hi George, I used my new kick ass resume and applied for a position that I was interviewed for today. I was hired later this afternoon and 2 hours later in a team meeting – part time which I love and in private healthcare. I think you work magic. :)”  – Lisa


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