Emily Koolen – Certified Career & Leadership Coach


Emily Koolen (CHRL, ACTP, BA Psych) has an extensive background in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Consulting that spans various sectors and industries. After years of corporate HR, Emily launched her own consulting business and found that adding leadership coaching and training was a natural fit for her clients needs. Her work also includes being a career consultant for clients from all stages in their careers. She has added formal coach training to her Bachelors in Psychology at Queen’s University and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and is completing further designations both in coaching and career consulting.

Reading is a favourite pastime that allows me to always be learning and growing.
Sports of all sorts is a passion of mine including surfing, cycling and swimming. Being active and trying new things allows me to push my own boundaries and experience things outside my comfort zone. I am a very competitive person by nature and sports is a healthy outlet for that.

Coaching and teaching on a volunteer basis is rewarding and allows me to reach more people than would normally be possible. I dedicate a good percentage of my time to being an active volunteer both in my local and professional communities.

In short, I am an HR & Career Consultant, Leadership Coach and Trainer who has a passion for building great workplaces & leaders – the human way!

Connect with Emily

LinkedIn – https://ca.linkedin.com/in/emilykoolen

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/emilykoolen