Mark Broverman – Certified Career & Leadership Coach

Mark_bwMark Broverman brings with him over 25 years guiding, coaching and mentoring clients in all types of industry sectors including oil and gas, education, government, construction, telecommunications and health care.

His philosophy is: “Give people the tools to be successful, nurture them along the way, then watch their career grow.”

Mark comes with an extremely creative mind-set, thinks way outside the box and has a knack for uncovering your hidden talents.  He takes great pride in getting you to that “aha” moment when you realize all the skills, values and and passions you developed along your career path.  He also keeps up to date with today’s labour market to support you in identifying and achieving realistic goals.

Mark is also known as a dynamic public speaker who brings an infectious energy, humour and past experiences to his presentations while leaving the audience always wanting more.

Mark is active in team and individualized sports including, golf, tennis and racquetball but his favorite is the extreme sport of four-wall handball.  He has won numerous provincial, national titles and recently became a World Handball Champion.

Mark achieved a level 3 sports coaching certification and has proudly developed, trained and coached several athletes to National Titles.