Jayson Lavergne (CHRP) – Certified Career & Leadership Coach

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Jayson Lavergne is a senior talent specialist with over 18 years designing job advertisements, reviewing resumes, interviewing & hiring for jobs from St. John’s to Kitimat, from Ottawa to Yellowknife.

He is deeply knowledgeable in hiring practices in the Canadian Federal Public Service and can substantiate the often complex process.  As a Federal Staffing Officer, Jayson has amassed nearly 20 courses, certificates, and 2 Federal Council awards in staffing. While working at the Public Service Commission of Canada, he gained great insight into the evolution of Public Service Modernization, national student and graduate hiring programs and the suite of standardized testing tools.  A super-user of the PSRS system, Jayson has advanced skill with the jobs.gc.ca application process.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Jayson also has vast experience with employers and jobs in the Natural Resource sector including engineering and construction in the oil sands.

Numerous jobseekers have reached out to Jayson to edit job their resumes and coaching them for interviews in the last 15 years.  For resumes, he focuses on clearing the clutter and repetition that hiring companies see on a daily basis.  Then he tries to define the value proposition – what unique value the job seeker represents.  Finally, he helps retell the key achievements of your past in detail and believes this is the key to success.  For interviews and assessments, including tests, he has seen first-hand how execution is more important than preparation & that articulating on your thinking process can a vital part of your replies.

Jayson’s world view is shaped by his constant traveling with his wife and 2 children, having visited 8 provinces, 17 US States and 27 countries on 5 continents. We live in a dynamic world, with great talent in movement over the globe and when visiting friends working in Cairo, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo this becomes obvious.

From the University of Alberta, Jayson has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources. Additionally, he acquired a diploma in Japanese studies while studying abroad at the prestigious International Christian University in Tokyo. Since 2004, Jayson has held his CHRP designation and recently became an Associate Member of the Career Development Association of Alberta.

Success Stories

“I wanted to thank you for the resume advise and information on HR managers that you were able to pass on. The information has proven invaluable as I have seen first hand the role of the HR managers as the “gate keepers” in their effort to keep people out!

On the positive side of things I did find a company with an opportunity that I was very interested in, and although not 100% qualified (I lack experience as we discussed) they decided to look past it and offered me a position as a project manager. I start August 20th. I am very excited, and have no doubt that your assistance with looking at my resume and the advise you gave me was the tipping point for the company being able to see the qualifications I did have instead of the ones I didn’t.” – Rob

“Jayson, I’m still using the advice you gave me on how to improve my resume. Now so many lights are going off for cover letters after reading your email to me! Thank you!” – Youth Intern, 2010

Connect with Jayson

LinkedIn – https://ca.linkedin.com/in/jaysonlavergne

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/jayblavergne