Janine Hogg, B. Journalism

janine bwAfter graduating from Carleton University’s prestigious Bachelor of Journalism program, Janine embarked on a successful 10+ year career in government communications. Despite her professional achievements, she came to feel that her work and personality weren’t a match: she was no longer in her element and needed a change.

Taking a huge leap of faith, the mother to two busy young children left her stable career to cultivate a life more centered around her passions and kids. Among other things, that shift meant becoming a Certified Coach Practitioner and Yoga Teacher.

Janine believes that authenticity determines both professional and personal fulfillment: when our decisions and actions are derived from a place that is true to who we are, things naturally come together for us and success is inevitable.

She is thrilled to be forging a new path for herself, and using her extensive communications/journalism background and coaching/facilitation expertise to help CareerJoy clients find their professional groove.

Janine is passionate about experiencing new cultures through travel and food, finding her zen through music and creative writing, and taking in the great outdoors with family and friends. She believes in the adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and is driven to help others trust in their own power and capabilities.

When her two young kiddos aren’t running her off her feet, Janine can be found with her feet firmly planted on her yoga mat, laced up enjoying a country run, or kicked up beside a campfire with her hubby and a nice glass of wine.

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