Carole Sandy (MEd, CCC) – Certified Career & Leadership Coach

Carole_bw After working with many individuals in post–secondary settings and in the marketplace, Carole has gained great insight on how unpredictable the career pathway can be and how creative and resilient many people have become despite the challenges. Carole knew she had always had an interest in helping other find their career path because even when she was completing her undergrad degree she would help those in her major decide on next steps and in particular post graduate programs they could pursue or opportunities that would fit their interests. She just did not know how it was going to play a role in the future. Today she encourages her clients to pay attention to that still small voice that’s trying to guide them.

Carole uses her passion and interest to help clients be attentive and open to what they already know to be true in order to tap into and assess what they uniquely bring into the job market. “Ask yourself the hard questions and be vulnerable because finding meaningful work does not happen overnight.” She believes that the client is the expert of their life and her role is to support them as they discover where they get stuck or where they would like to go from here. When you realize your true potential and hold on to that truth navigating the marketplace can become less overwhelming.

Carole enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Success Stories

“As part of my position elimination, I had a series of sessions with CareerJoy. My career counselor was Carole Sandy and we made a positive connection from our first phone call. She possessed a thorough understanding of the program and was extremely supportive and attentive. Losing a job can take its toll and Carole was very empathic but was still able to keep me focused on the task of finding new work. She also had the ability to remember important things I had mentioned during our discussions and how they related to the training process. I found this very helpful and it was a tremendous boost to my self-confidence.  I am now working full-time again and in part due to Carole Sandy and the CareerJoy program. Thanks for everything Carole!!”

– D. Lea Valiant


“Moving back to Canada after living overseas for 5 years, I was overwhelmed with the process of rejoining the Canadian workforce. I signed on with CareerJoy and was introduced to Carole. Right from our first meeting, I felt more confident and prepared to find employment. Carole was extremely invested in my journey as well as very perceptive while helping me to discover what it was that I was looking for in a career. Carole was able to vocalize the thoughts I had but wasn’t able to see for myself. I was able to find gainful employment but more importantly, I was able to see, with Carole’s assistance, how to use my skill set to make the employment what I wanted it to be. I would recommend Carole to anyone who wants a coach, mentor or insightful confidant.”

– Kerry Miller