360° Feedback Assessment

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360° Feedback Assessment

The 360° Feedback Assessment is a tool to enhance employee self awareness and encourage employee feedback. Our assessments establish concrete goals for personal improvement and they can customized to staff Performance Agreements. Our assessments help to discern areas of success as well as performance issues with employees.

The program includes (per person):

  • Initial telephone consultation(s) between our coach and your supervisor and/or Human Resources representative to help ensure assessment meets organizational and supervisory goals

  • Written feedback assessment using supervisor(s), peers, reporting employees, self and others.

  • Administration of written activity to individuals, collection of confidential survey information, comprehensive analysis and report.

I recognize that this is a timely and strategic conversation, and I know you want to find the right fit for a great learning experience. I’m available for a call right away to discuss how our team can support you.

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